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How To Get Luna Solaria

The app is currently FREE (this may change in the future). The only thing I ask in return is a review. Please write some positive comments in the app store if you like it! Just look for the "Review" button or link in the App Store or Google Play listing.

We've squashed all the bugs we know of. But if you experience any problems, please email me using our contact form. Please don't post problems or questions in the app store where I cannot help or communicate with you. Email me directly. This is a relatively new app and we're constantly working on it. There might be a few bugs we've missed.

iPhone Version
Now available in the Apple App Store! Click Here... or, using your phone, click on the App Store icon, then search for "Luna Solaria".

Android Version:
Now available on Google Play! Click Here... or, using your phone, visit Google Play and search for "Luna Solaria".